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The most valuable NFT on Cardano, providing ownership of an exceedingly rare physical asset: The ZAMARAD, a 17,420 carat emerald equine sculpture.

The sale price will start at 100 million ADA. When the auction begins in mid-May, the price will drop by 10 thousand ADA every 10 minutes until the NFT is sold, giving the buyer full ownership of the physical art piece.

Let the race begin.

carved out of a mountain in bahia,

For over 5,000 years, emeralds have been one of the most desirable and valuable stones on the planet. Brazilian emeralds, in particular, have gained immense popularity in

recent years. Some of the larger agglomerates, seldom extracted at a size and weight above 100kg, become a rare statement of extraordinary beauty.

brought to life by an Artist

The Zamarad, a masterful equine sculpture, is meticulously carved of Emerald in a matrix specimen of biotite, shale and crystal, weighing in at an impressive 132 lbs. View the artist interview

EmbodYing the horse spirit

Across cultures, the horse is a symbol of courage and freedom. A majestic animal that was an essential part of history, mythology, folklore. A powerful creature that helped us discover the world, enabling us to travel vast distances.




Tame it and
bring it home

With the ownership of the NFT, you’ll have full control over the sculpture in the digital and physical world. ZAMARAD will be physically shipped to your preferred location.

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Who can i contact if i am interested

If you are interested in getting more information about the Zamarad in advance, please join one of our Q&A or get in touch: or call +1.650.278.8905

What happens after my purchase

Your bid price is registered, locked and saved within our database. Our Cardano smart contract will be used to verify available funds for the purchase. We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss arrangements for receiving both the NFT and the physical piece. Your funds will be put into escrow and will not be released till the consignee receives the artwork.

About the Pricing

The Zamarad is being offered through a reverse auction process. We start at a selling price of 100 million ADA followed by a gradual drop of 10 thousand ADA every ten minutes. The reserve price is 40 million ADA. If the reserve price is reached without bids, the auction resets at 100 million ADA to restart the process. The winning bid will acquire the physical artwork and the NFT as proof of ownership.

Which rights does the NFT grant me

By purchasing the NFT, you obtain all rights to the NFT and the physical artwork.

Who is behind this project

The artwork was created by Florinaldo Souza dos Santos, a Brazilian artist whose career has focused on creating high quality sculptures. The artwork was appraised by Trever John De Pattenden. View the artist interview at

What is this project about?

The sculpture the Zamarad is the first of many high-quality artworks that aim to break new ground in terms of how they are sold. NFTs offer an authentication option that provides the highest level of security for both the buyer and the seller. The goal is to organize the global high quality art market in a more structured way.